Blog Post Don’t Waste Your Church’s Money




Don’t Waste Your Church’s Money

We understand that many churches wish to improve in their use of technology but are hesitant to approach an integration company because they are not able to allocate the funds all at once to a major upgrade.  Our desire is to serve both small and large manifestations of the church.  Whether you want to put your sermons on CD for distribution, start a podcast, or do a major A/V upgrade or new build, we would welcome the opportunity to help you solidify your vision, form a plan, and execute it. In the 21st century, it goes without saying that there are virtually limitless sources from which churches may purchase audio and video equipment.  We, however, have the ability to deliver a number of benefits which mail order vendors are unable to provide.  Namely, we are able to help you make purchasing decisions that fit into a “big picture,” or “grand scheme,” even if those purchases must be made over a period of several years.  We are additionally able to provide the on-site services necessary to help you make the most effective use of your investment. We strive to make all our clients’ budgets go as far as possible. This means:
  • Steering our clients toward purchasing decisions that will provide the best combination of short-term value and long-term benefit.
  • Reducing long-term costs for our clients and allowing them to focus their energy and resources on the primary mission.
  • Educating our clients on what can realistically be achieved with their budget
  • Exercising meticulous care in choosing each component
  • Providing thorough training to the end users and being available in the future to provide support and training for new volunteers.
Please don’t waste your money by purchasing the same kind of equipment several times!  Let us help you decide on purchasing equipment that will last longer and be scalable to support your growing and changing needs. Click Here to Get Started…