Audio, Video, and Lighting for All Kinds of Events

It doesn’t matter how big the show is, at Essential Audio, we know you want your artists to look and sound great. We know as well as you do that artists only perform at their best when they are comfortable on the stage, confident that the audience is hearing every note.  We can provide every production need: staging, lighting, audio, IMAG, power, communications, production management.  

When planning your conference, let the easiest decision you make be getting Essential Audio to cover all your audiovisual needs. If you need technology and support in numerous breakout rooms as well as a main auditorium, we can take the pressure off and let you focus on other concerns.  

Whether it’s a party for your employees or a pitch to your biggest client, you want to be sure that the technology you’ve come to depend on will make your company look great.  Essential Audio has the experience, knowledge, and skill to make your company’s next event seem easy.  From a simple projector and a microphone to teleconferencing around the globe, we’d be glad to exceed your expectations.  

When the stage is set and the show starts, the last thing you want to worry about is problematic audio.  At Essential Audio, our technicians are highly skilled with mixing in environments prone to feedback and we’d be happy to provide you with wireless systems you can depend on.  We can also provide reinforcement for the multi-channel playback systems that will transform your show’s sound design into an immersive experience for the audience.

If you’re hosting a press conference, grand opening, or political rally, you’d be wasting your time if your audience can’t hear the most important message of the day.  Essential Audio knows what it takes to support nationally televised events, and our skilled technicians will be sure that your important message is heard loud and clear.

When it comes to a day as big as your wedding, we know you want everything to be perfect.  You’ve likely had to sit through a ceremony where you couldn’t hear a word that was said; don’t let that happen to your guests!  Let us worry about the technology so you and your guests can focus on what’s most important.