Blog Post Acoustical Factors to Consider for New Performance Spaces




Acoustical Factors to Consider for New Performance Spaces

You will be well served by putting forth the effort to define the purpose for which the room will be used as specifically as possible, since different types of performances demand radically different acoustical characteristics.

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Design Factors:
  • Exercise caution with architectural designs that involve concave surfaces – especially on the back wall opposite the stage. Untreated, such surfaces can cause highly problematic reflection issues.
  • It is advantageous if walls are non-parallel, which breaks up room modes.
  • Whether or not you are working with an acoustician, involve your design consultant / integrator in the conversations early on so that all parties can begin to work toward a unified goal.
  • Involve your consultant/integrator in any and all conversations concerning wall- and ceiling- mounted acoustical treatment / clouds as early as possible.
  • Employ the services of an A/V integrator who is able to provide a solution with excellent pattern control so that any adverse effects of the acoustical space are minimized.